A Complete Introduction To CBT Training Courses For Working With Eating Disorders

A 2-day or 3-day course with maximum of 16 participants for CBT training is offered by The Association of Psychological Therapies in UK. This course mainly targets those who have a serious disorder with respect to eating habits and thus pose a concern to family and friends in terms of mental and physical wellness. The program is designed to define the nature of these disorders, give a clear vision to evaluate and identify the risks involved, how to manage them in a positive manner and the methods of treatment available at present adhering to the guidelines of NICE.

CBT Training Courses

The topics covered are categorization of eating disorders, individual sessions, assessment of the various factors involved in the abnormal habit of eating, providing a clear CBT model for these kind of eating disorders and the model adopted by Maudsley for intervening the people with these disorders, CEBT concepts, support of family and friends, understanding the behavioural interference due to CBT training, effective management and the final work of successful completeness of the program, providing routine follow-up sessions and prevention of deterioration after showing improvements over a period of time. CBT Therapies Organization UK provides cbt training courses.

The participants are provided with a certificate for their successful completion of the course.

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