A Personalized Wedding Guest Book: What’s Inside?

personalized-wedding-romance-silver-guest-book-9045_liA wedding guest book can be a prized possession for those who would love to look back at some of the memories of their special day, and if the book were personalized then it would be even more precious. Apart from remembering their guests who attended the wedding, it would also be great to think and remember all the good wishes shared with the newly wed couple on their wedding day.


The options of personalized wedding guest book can be endless. It can be formal with just blank pages or it could have some fun questions for the guests to answer.It could chic or rustic. Some could also include photos from a photo booth at the wedding.


Some of the most favorite questions that you should include in your book are:


  1. How do you know the bride and groom?
  2. Where did you travel from? And how far away?
  3. What are your memories of this special day?
  4. What is your most special memory about the couple?
  5. What advice would you give the bride and groom?
  6. Do you have any special message for the bride and groom?


The more adventurous couples could also include fun questions like:


  1. When do you think the couple will have their first child?
  2. What would be the name of the first child?


Whichever kind you choose, or whatever questions you decide to add in your book, the memories and smile your wedding guest book will bring to your face years down the line will be truly priceless!




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