Five Dollar Magic to High gloss Furniture – Is That Really Possible?

A cheap and best make over for any of your worn out furniture is possible with a little thought and creativity. Best white high gloss furniture available here . A spray glossy paint can and some imagination is all you need to take a sad looking piece of furniture to a master piece. Spray paints do not work on walls though. Any design or patterns can be made to spruce up a faded surface.

Using stencils makes it all a lot easier with gloss paints. Just choose a pattern and a few layers of clever painting will reveal the masterpiece! Though a glossy surface may be very tricky to paint, a little fine grit sand paper rubbing on the surface ensures the paint sits on it comfortably and gives a the desired gloss once it dries. Metal surfaces can be painted with a high heat spray paint that not only gives that sheen to it, but endures insanely high temperatures too.

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